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utstillingsprogram 2015                                            
23 mai- 14 juni Maya Øvrebø "The Labyrinth" -  Stuart McGarey "Artificial by nature"
4. juli - 26. juli
Tommy Olsson
28.nov - 20.des
Elin Igland  "The Work and The wall"

  A R E N D A L    K U N S T F O R E N I N G   A R K U N S T.N O

Maya Øvrebø

The Labyrinth

Kunstneren bruker labyrinten som bakteppe for narrativ som utforsker temaer rundt meningen med livet,
søken etter Gud, og menneskets plass i økosystemet.

Det er et mangeårig prosjekt som begynte i 2011 med skapelsen av en fiktiv by av trebygninger som er i ferd med å råtne i havgapet.
Dette landskapet har blitt utvidet og befolket, og konstruering av samfunnet begynt.

Prosjektet består foreløpig av tegninger og malerier, og en grafisk roman er under utvikling.

Stuart McGarey

Artificial by nature


Digital paintings, video, graphite drawings and found object constructions exploring the detritus of human
relations and interactions with and through technology and the environment. Layers and levels as a metaphor for artifice and illusion.

    The video pieces are focused on process and change, through the cumulative use of glitch inducing procedures and data loss encoding.
This produces abstract, painterly effects while being resolutely digital
and electronic in nature and emphasises the theme of degrees of reality and identity.

    The digital paintings are dark and intimate, classical figure compositions with a baroque influence
as well as a comic book, illustrative style. The digital files themselves contain sometimes hundreds of layers of drawing,
photography, colour correction and other workings which exist simultaneously, ready to be broken into and de-constructed.

    The drawings are rough, direct and dirty,  compositions are semi-improvised which leaves behind traces
of previous ideas which are visible at close range, interacting with the newer marks and lines.
They give texture to the surface and feed into ideas of changing perceptions and reality.

    The constructions are built organically from a wide range of discarded and used materials including toys,
obsolete electronics, DIY goods and household ephemera.
An emphasis is placed on an haphazard and ad-hoc visual style in order to give a sense
of unease and produce objects which feel slightly otherworldly and confusing.


sidene er sist oppdatert 4.05.2015

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