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utstillingsplakat Myklebust Syversen - Økland
utstillingsprogram 2008                                             
01.02 - 16.02 Maya Økland - Jorunn Myklebust Syversen
05.04 - 19.04
Setsuko Kurioka - Lina Rincon
07.06 - 21.06 Anita Hillestad - Marthe Aune Eriksen
30.08 - 14.09
Samira Jamouchi
Viola Stephansens Samling

  A R E N D A L    K U N S T F O R E N I N G   A R K U N S T.N O

Lina M. Rincon

"Mirage: An optical phenomenon that creates the illusion of water, and results from distortion of light by alternate layers of hot and cool air. 2 - something impossible to achieve; "an unattainable goal"

The definition above seems to fundamentally describe the series of paintings that I am working on and provides a loose framework upon which I can explore thoughts, ideas and artistic concerns.
This series of paintings can be described as an illusion of water, a result of systematically layering acrylic and oil on canvas. They are not the result of representing water as a subject matter, however, the paintings show a hint of waves, rhythm, reflections, depth, pulling of gravity; characteristics inherent to water. In these paintings, I do not want to represent a subject matter (water), rather, a universally recognisable idea of it, reassembled into simple shapes.
The paintings are built layer upon layer. These layers are like different currents of a river, each one creating resistance against the other, but at the end flowing in the same direction.

These “currents” of lines shift between representation and abstraction, one moment they are viewed as just lines and the next, they appear to be water. This shifting of views, as well as the sense of order and disorder, give the paintings energy and dynamism, occupying the eyes of the viewers and hopefully his or her mind."

Setsuko Kurioka

Tekstilinteressen inviterte meg til å komme til Norge for 30 år siden. 
Fremdeles lager jeg bilder  med ”grid” og ”mønster”. 
Jeg flyter på et stort hav mellom Japan og Norge.    

Wall as Object 

"When I was child, I lived in a traditional Japanese style house. Two white walls, which were made with mortar on the chalky surface, defended me from the world outside. On the walls there were no pictures, no photos, no tapestries, no lamps. It was not possible to use any nails. Walls became light yellow and greyish with time. They left some scratches here and there. They remind me of a shell which someone forgot to bring home, and left on the beach.

In my daily life here, I am often sitting in front of writing papers, and look at the fjord through the windows. The surface of the sea is changing from one moment to another. It gives me inspirations in daily life. Through watching these movements, my imagination grows; I became a poet, a dancer and a composer. Waves bring me to the Ocean, where I never have been. I enjoy these voyages a long way from my daily life to the Ocean which is rich in poems and tone.

Getting these inspirations, I make small walls. And I draw on them. Each pencil trace will give you a moment where you loose your words. Each square room will give you a moment where you can be alone. I want to invite you to float in this world. I really want you to experience the joy and freedom through my objects."


Det vil også bli produsert en DVD i forbindelse med utstillingen. Denne vil være til salgs, og er et alternativ til en utstillingskatalog. DVD’en vil inneholde en samling loops, både animasjoner som inngår i 

galleriets åpningstider: mandag - fredag 11 - 16, lørdag og søndag 12 - 15, mandag stengt
besøksadresse: Det Lindvedske Hus, Nedre Tyholmsvei 7 b

sidene er sist oppdatert 29.03.08

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